Pinnacle's New "Snap" App Revolutionizes Account Opening, Streamlining the Process to 10 Minutes or Less

Posted on Thu, Apr 02, 2015

HOUSTON, TX  -- Pinnacle Financial Strategies’ new Snap app for iPads™ lets banks using Jack Henry Core Operating Systems open business and retail checking, savings, CD, and IRA accounts safely and securely from anywhere with Wi-Fi access, in under 10 minutes.

The account opening process occurs in 100% real time and is complete as soon as the bank employee taps “Upload”. No additional steps are needed to add a new account.

Snap’s easy-to-use dropdown menu of account-opening choices is based on the bank’s core, and its self-validating technology virtually eliminates errors and the need for follow-up quality control. Plus, unlike other tablet technology, Snap interfaces with key vendors, allowing account opening staff to handle every step in the process from beginning to end, saving time and money.

And Snap virtually eliminates potential identity fraud by scanning the barcode on a customer's driver’s license to directly transfer customer data to the bank's system. All data is encrypted so it is transmitted quickly and securely.

Banks already using Snap are realizing significant efficiencies that are making a big difference for both the bank and the customers it serves.

RCB Bank, a $2.4 billion community bank with over 40 locations throughout Oklahoma and Kansas is one of them. The 79-year old community bank prides itself in delivering banking that is “friendly in service but progressive in spirit.” RCB’s Chief Operating Officer Tom Bayless applauds Snap’s ease and streamlined process as something that has revolutionized account opening for the bank and allows his staff to spend their time more efficiently and effectively, while taking care of a customer’s needs. “We like working with Pinnacle. They're responsive, service-oriented and deliver a quality product. Their Snap product gives us an innovative, efficient way to open accounts anywhere within our branches as well as outside our branches. Our employees are no longer tied to the office.”

Even beyond the tremendous time savings and ability to provide a much better customer experience, the new solution can trim costs by reducing or eliminating PC workstations and saving on the cost of external devices like printers and scanners. The need to print paperwork or even set up a desk is eliminated. One portable device does it all. According to James Weddington, RCB’s Chief Information Officer, "Our goal was to open accounts in under 10 minutes. We’ve opened over 1,000 accounts using Snap and found our staff actually open new accounts in about seven minutes. With this product, we can expand and grow in a very cost effective manner."

Many branch employees were skeptical at first but found that once they opened their first accounts, using Snap was fast and easy. They report that Snap relieves them of cumbersome typing and printing tasks and gives them more time to work with customers helping them select the right products and services. They find customers like signing the iPad once instead of signing numerous forms and they prefer receiving their documents via email rather than being handed a lot of paperwork.

Joe Gillen, founder and chief executive officer of Pinnacle Financial Strategies, is no newcomer to providing innovative solutions for banks and credit unions. His 18-year old Texas-based company was one of the first to introduce Overdraft Privilege services, cash-back rewards checking products and debit card program optimization for banks. The company also provides mystery shopping and business banking solutions for the industry. “For years, I marveled at how, with all the sophistication and technology available at banks, no one had found a way to make the fundamentals of account opening less painful and time-consuming for the customer. Now, through our partnership with MEA Financial, a national leader in innovative software solutions for the financial industry, we have”, he said. “It’s called Snap.”

To learn more about Snap, call Pinnacle Financial Strategies at 866.737.1235 or email

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