Why Size Doesn’t Matter: Community Banks’ and Credit Unions’ Growing Leverage Over Big Banks

Posted on Mon, Dec 15, 2014

Community banks’ and credit unions’ opportunity to acquire new accountholders grows as the number of dissatisfied accountholders increases at big banks. Although advertising budgets at big banks exceed those of smaller financial institutions, community banks and credit unions can win market share by focusing on maintaining reduced fees, building stronger relationships and providing valuable services for which accountholders are searching.

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Increasing Debit Card Usage and Your Financial Institution’s Profitability

Posted on Wed, Dec 03, 2014

Most financial institutions across the country offer debit cards to accountholders; however, many financial institutions fail to realize the full benefits a successful debit card program can deliver in new accountholder acquisition, current accountholder retention and overall profitability. A successful debit card program begins with a simple, valuable reward program, which promotes increased usage and is promoted to the right target demographic.

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