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Pinnacle's New "Snap" App Revolutionizes Account Opening, Streamlining the Process to 10 Minutes or Less

HOUSTON, TX  -- Pinnacle Financial Strategies’ new Snap app for iPads™ lets banks using Jack Henry Core Operating Systems open business and retail checking, savings, CD, and IRA accounts safely and securely from anywhere with Wi-Fi access, in under 10 minutes.

Secrets to Increasing Commercial Accounts at Your Financial Institution

Increasing commercial accounts at your financial institution provides you with new opportunities to increase your deposit base, diversify your account portfolio and cross-promote products and services. Building relationships with local businesses by understanding their needs and providing genuine solutions to overcome their obstacles not only makes your financial institution a valuable resource for business accountholders but also increases opportunities to acquire employee personal accounts.

Crying Wolf: Misguided Information About Potential Overdraft Regulation

Last week attendees at the ABA National Conference for Community Bankers in Boca Raton, Florida were given a scare about overdraft fees. One of the speakers at the conference seemed to be taking the opportunity to market his products by attempting to create fears about the impact of potential CFPB regulations on overdraft programs. His claims regarding negative effects on fee income are unsubstantiated. Basically, it’s “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Community Banks' and Credit Unions' Keys to Unlocking Increased Profitability

pinnacle rewards checking mobile resized 600

The time has come for community banks and credit unions to win accountholders back from big banks. You can unlock success and profitability at your financial institution by providing accountholders with the right product mix that fits their needs. Effective rewards checking programs, mobile checking accounts and stronger accountholder relationships will lead to increased accountholder acquisition and retention. 

Why Size Doesn’t Matter: Community Banks’ and Credit Unions’ Growing Leverage Over Big Banks


Community banks’ and credit unions’ opportunity to acquire new accountholders grows as the number of dissatisfied accountholders increases at big banks. Although advertising budgets at big banks exceed those of smaller financial institutions, community banks and credit unions can win market share by focusing on maintaining reduced fees, building stronger relationships and providing valuable services for which accountholders are searching.

Increasing Debit Card Usage and Your Financial Institution’s Profitability

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Most financial institutions across the country offer debit cards to accountholders; however, many financial institutions fail to realize the full benefits a successful debit card program can deliver in new accountholder acquisition, current accountholder retention and overall profitability. A successful debit card program begins with a simple, valuable reward program, which promotes increased usage and is promoted to the right target demographic.

The Opportunity Beyond Opt-In: The Importance of Training and Communication

Four years ago financial institutions across the country implemented opt-in strategies for their overdraft privilege programs as a result of Reg E. Many institutions treated Reg E implementation as a one-time event and, with each passing year, their focus on overdraft privilege communication has dwindled, letting accountholders and dollars slip through the cracks. Getting overdraft privilege programs back on track requires proper staff training and ongoing communication with accountholders. 

To Succeed at Business Banking — Look at Things Differently

By Julie Story, Executive Vice President of Pinnacle Financial Strategies

Rewards Checking — What Accountholders Really Want From Their Financial Institution

cashbackrewards new

What do accountholders really want in terms of rewards programs? Two things: cash and customer service. According to the Q4 National Banking Opinion Poll, 61% of Americans stated they would switch to a new institution if it provided them with a cash back rewards program. But what good are those programs if an institution can’t back them up with the kind of customer service that gives accountholders peace of mind when opening a rewards checking account?

5 Keys for a Successful Overdraft Program

There are no one-size fits all overdraft privilege programs. Each overdraft privilege program needs to be unique to your financial institution and provide your staff with proper training. Through reasonable fees, expectations and conservative overdraft limits, your financial institution can provide accountholders with a valuable customer service they appreciate.

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